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Neurodivergent Job-seekers FAQ's

Are you a neurodivergent job-seeker looking for work? Learn how Enna can help


As a neurodivergent person, you have extraordinary gifts and abilities. Through your individual ‘superpowers’, you have the ability to transform a team, a department, even an entire organisation.

The ‘neurotypical’ world has been slow to recognise this. The already-difficult process of finding a job has been that much tougher for those who see and think differently.

But now, things are changing. Organisations are realising there’s real power and potential in neurodiversity. At Enna, we’re here to help you seize these new opportunities.

Our services are designed to help you at every stage in the recruitment process. You can also view and apply for jobs with neurodiversity-friendly employers through our accessible jobs board. Once you’ve got a job, you can use our workplace coaching services to get all the support you need to work in ways that suit you, and your employer.

Could our resources help?

Head to our resource page, where you can find guides, templates and videos to help you search and apply for jobs, and progress when you're in work.

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Frequently asked questions

How do I access your services?

In order to access support or advice, you will need to register your details and your CV with us through

Can I send you my CV?

Unfortunately, we can't take any CV's over email. To send us your CV, you will need to register with us at

Can I use your services if I don’t have an official diagnosis, or I’m waiting to get one?

Yes. We understand that you can be neurodivergent without a piece of paper that says so.

What ages of job-seekers do you support?

We support all neurodivergent people aged 18 and over.

Where do you operate?

Our head office is in London, but we run most of our services virtually, and recruit for roles nationally.

What type of jobs can Enna help me get?

We recruit for many different types of roles across a range of sectors: please see our jobs board for our current vacancies.

Can you help me get work experience or voluntary roles?

We focus on helping people secure permanent jobs, so unfortunately we can’t assist you with finding work placements, internships or volunteering. Sorry.

Will Enna find a job for me?

We’ll do our best! To get started, please register so we have your CV and other details on file. We can then alert you immediately when an opportunity that matches your experience, skills and interests comes up.

Can you support me during my job search?

Yes. You can have 30-minute calls with us to ask questions and get advice. Once you’re in a job, our workplace coaching services can give you any specific or longer-term support you need. All you need to do is register with us and you will get a link to book a call.

I've had bad experiences at work and I'm worried about applying for roles. Will I be okay?

We work exclusively with employers who are serious about attracting and supporting neurodivergent candidates. Any employer we put you in touch with will have been through our training and will know what they need to do to help you.

What if I need adjustments?

Every employer we work with will make reasonable adjustments during the recruiting process and in the workplace. And we’ll help you understand and communicate your needs to the employer so they can give you the right support.

Does it cost anything?

No, its free to register and apply for jobs. Theres no hidden costs involved at any stage.

I have another question, what do I do?

You can email us at to ask any questions you may have, and our team will reply within 48 hours.

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