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Neurodivergent Job-seekers

How Enna can help you find meaningful employment

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We help neurodivergent individuals find work, through specialist support and job coaching

Our mission is to help talented neurodivergent job-seekers find meaningful employment with inclusive employers. This means we will support you to find a job that you love, with employers that understand you, for you.

Our approach is simple - we get to know you, understand your needs and support you to build your career. That is what Enna is all about.

How does it work?



Head to our registration page to register your details and upload your CV. This will register you with us and enable us to connect you to any relevant job opportunities.


Search for jobs

When you've registered, head to our search for jobs page to find jobs with inclusive employers. Our easy to use filters means you can find jobs located near you and that match your requirements.


Get Support

When you apply for a job, we will get a notification. We can then support you to apply, upgrade your CV, write a cover letter, ace your interview and get reasonable adjustments.


Are you neurodivergent and looking for advice to help you kickstart your job search? Or are you a parent of someone neurodivergent who could do with some extra support to find employment?

If so our specialist mentoring could be perfect for you.

The first 30 minute call is completely FREE. This allows you to ask questions, get to know us and see if this is the right fit for you.

You can book in your free 30 minute job coaching session below.

All calls are completely confidential and over the phone or Zoom, so find somewhere comfortable to sit and let us help. Similarly, if you have someone that wants to join you on the call (parent, sibling, friend etc), they're very welcome.

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We can connect you to neurodiversity friendly employers through our jobs board

Enna specialises in connecting neurodivergent adults to inclusive employers. This means we will connect you to jobs with employers that truly understand neurodiversity and how to support a neurodiverse employee.

We don't want this to be skin deep either, we only partner with employers that truly embrace diversity and the benefits diversity brings.

This ensures your differences will be championed both during the recruitment process and during the job and we will ensure you get the support you need to thrive.


We can support you when you're in the job

We don't just want to help you get a job, we want to ensure you sustain it. We offer support for three months after you start your job to make sure you're happy.

We pride ourselves in fostering communication between employees and managers to foster relationships and improve communication and can even help your employer put adjustments in place to support you.




Can I still use your services if I dont have an official diagnosis?

Yes you can. We realise that many individuals havent got a diagnosis or may be in the process of getting one.

Where do you operate?

Our head office is in London, however we are partnered with employers that recruit nationally and run the majority of our services virtually.

What type of roles can Enna help me get?

We have jobs in a variety of industries, but mainly focus on corporate employers.

I know someone that would benefit from Ennas services, can I refer them?

We encourage candidates to register through our registration page however we can answer any questions through email at, to see if the person is a fit for what we do.

What ages do you support?

We support neurodivergent adults that are aged 18 or over.

Can you help me get work experience or voluntary roles?

Unfortunately we focus on permenant roles so can't support you to find work experience or volunteering.

Have a question or want to find out more about how we can help you?

Book in a short 15 minute call with a member of our team, or email us on

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