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Connect With Other Neurodivergent Job-seekers

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Join our facebook group

Neurodiversity at Work, is our Facebook group. It is open to all neurodivergent people over the age of 18, their parents, carers and supporters.

Our group is private, this means that only members can see who is in the group and what they post.

The benefits of joining

Access to tailored support

Get access to useful links and research

Get access to new research, links and advice available for neurodivergent people looking for work.

Get support from the Enna team and other neurodivergent people on your job search or your current job.

Connect with other people

Meet other neurodivergent people who have similar experiences to you.

Get access to exclusive resources

Get access to free downlodable resources from the Enna team as soon as they are published, from templates to guides.

Find out about new job opportunities

Find out about job opportunities for neurodivergent job-seekers, as soon as we get them.

Discover new events and webinars for neurodivergent people

Find out about new events and webinars

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