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Neurodiversity Training

Champion and celebrate neurodiversity with our specialist neurodiversity training workshops


Our CPD accredited neurodiversity training workshops aims to give you the skills and confidence to help you attract, recruit and integrate neurodivergent individuals in the workplace.

Designed for managers, senior leaders and your existing teams that want to increase their awareness of neurodiversity in the workplace.

We recognised that the best way to learn is through real experiences with real people. Our training is created and facilitated by neurodivergent individuals, who share their first hand experience of recruitment and employment.

Email us at to request our latest training brochure (PDF) and which includes full details, outlines and prices of our workshops.

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Can be delivered virtually

All of our training can be delivered virtually or in person, which means your remote and global teams can easily access our neurodiversity training.


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Neurodivergent facilitators

All of our facilitators have lived experience of neurodiversity themselves, and use their experiences to educate and advise your employees.


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Interactive quizzes and polls

We get your employees thinking using online and interactives quizzes, polls and reflective exercises.


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Varied group sizes

Whether you're a small team or large corporate employer, we have workshops to suit everybody.


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Small group exercises

Learn by actually doing. We split teams into small groups and help them apply the learning to their work, through reflective exercises.


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In person workshops

Get everybody back to the office for an in person workshop, perfect for away days and team meet ups throughout the UK.


Awareness Workshops

Our one to three hour awareness workshops for all employees. Email for the full workshop outlines.

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Neurodiversity 1-0-1

Great for: all employees

Our flagship and CPID accredited 1 hour Neurodiversity 1-0-1 training provides a useful introduction to neurodiversity in the workplace. The training provides a helpful overview about what neurodiversity is, what skills neurodivergent people have, how you can recognise and talk about neurodiversity as well as providing helpful takeaways and resources.


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Neuro-inclusive Communication

Great for: all employees

This one hour workshop is designed for employees to help them communicate more effectively with their neurodivergent colleagues. We will discuss different communication styles and preferences amongst neurodivergent colleagues, provide practical tips and strategies for effective communication, and other guidance for howt hey can avoid misunderstandings and promote mutual understanding.



Neurodiversity Language and Microagressions

Great for: all employees

This one hour workshop gives your employees knowledge of microagressions, how microagressions can impact their neurodivergent colleagues, and what language to use to facilitate effective conversations in the workplace. We will look at how they can become an ally, and support neurodiversity in the workplace.




Neurodiversity Deep Dive

Great for: all employees

This half day workshop takes a deep dive into neurodiversity. Your employees will learn all about neurodiversity, including what it is, how to talk about it, the different times and ultimately how they can recognise and support their neurodivergent colleagues in the workplace.


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Neuro-inclusive Collaboration and Team Work

Great for: all employees

This one hour workshop is designed for employees who want to improve their collaboration and teamwork with their neurodivergent colleagues. Within the workshop we will discuss the unique strengths and challenges that enurodivergent individuals bring to teamwork and provide tips and strategies for effective collaboration.


Bridging the Gap: Becoming a Neurodiversity Ally

Great for: all employees

This one hour workshop educates employees on allyship, advocacy, and intersectionality in regards to their neurodivergent colleagues and will equip them with practical tools to become better allies. Employees will learn about intersectionality, why advocacy is important and how they become allies of their neurodivergent colleagues.


Workshops for Managers

Our one to three hour awareness workshops for managers and hiring managers. Email for the full workshop outlines.


Neurodiversity Awareness for Managers

Great for: managers at all levels

This half day workshop gives managers an awareness of neurodiversity, by understanding what neurodiversity is, the value of a neurodiverse workforce, an understanding of the different types, their potential strengths and weaknesses and the correct language to use.



Supporting and Managing Neurodivergent Employees

Great for: managers at all levels

This half day workshop gives managers the practical skills, tips and strategies to be able to effectively support and manage their neurodivergent employees in the workplace. The session will give managers useful takeaways and resources they can use and apply to their day to day work.



Neuro-inclusive Hiring

Great for: Hiring Managers

This one hour workshop gives hiring managers practical tips on how they can become moreneuro-inclusive in their hiring processes. We explore job descriptions, interviewing, assessments and also how you can implement reasonable adjustments effectively.



Neuro-inclusive Recruitment

Great for: hiring managers, talent and recruitment teams

This half day workshop is designed to give your talent and recruitment teams the knowledge, tools and techniques to attract, recruit and onboard neurodivergent talent. This workshop looks at every stage of the recruitment process, from job descriptions, interviewing to implementing reasonable adjustments.



A Neurodiversity Blueprint

Great for: diversity and inclusion teams

This half day workshop gives D&I and HR professionals the knowledge and frameworks to successfully start a neurodiversity initiative within your organisation. We will provide you with actionable tips on creating ERG's, neurodiversity champions and much more.


Neurodiversity in the Workplace Workshops

Focused one hour workshops on neurodivergent conditions which can be delivered as a 4 workshop course.


Neurodiversity in the Workplace: Autism Spectrum Conditions

Great for: all employees

This workshop gives employees a comprehensive introduction to Autism, focusing on what Autism is, what the spectrum actually looks like, what the key symptoms are, and how you can recognise and support your autistic colleagues in the workplace.



Neurodiversity in the Workplace: ADHD

Great for: all employees

This workshop gives employees a comprehensive introduction to ADHD, focusing on what Autism is, the key types of ADHD, what the key symptoms are, and how you can recognise and support your colleagues with ADHD in the workplace.



Neurodiversity in the Workplace: Dyslexia

Great for: D&I and HR teams

This workshop gives employees a comprehensive introduction to Dyslexia, focusing on what Dyslexia actually is, what the key symptoms are, and how you can recognise and support your dyslexic colleagues in the workplace.



The training contained great content and it was brought to life really well using real life examples. The presenters worked really well together and made the session very informative, interactive and above all really useful. Many thanks to the Enna team.

The training was really well put together. Emily and Lara were excellent. It completely met the requirements of the team and we learnt a lot, thank you!

Very engaging and informative style and content. Lara's personal experiences and candour were incredibly illuminating and valuable. Thank you, a superb 3 hours that flew past!

We did the Neurodiversity 1-0-1 session. It was a great introduction to neurodiversity and brought to light a lot of things we could be doing to make our workplace more neurodiversity friendly. We're looking forward to hold some more focused sessions in the future.

A fantastic training session that was tailored to our company and what we do. It was great having neurodivergent trainers who could answer our questions and share their experiences. Thanks a lot!

Thank you so much for the training! It was great being able to ask the neurodivergent training about their experiences and get tailored recommendations.

Email us on to enquire about our workshops, or use our calendly below to book a time to chat.

Workshop Statistics

3160+ participants trained

+86 Net Promoter Score

98% of attendees would recommend it

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