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Kickstart your neurodiversity D&I strategy with our specialist support and guidance


Our expert consultancy support can help employers achieve real and lasting change. Whether you are just starting your neurodiversity journey or have initiatives set up, Enna can provide you with clear and focused solutions to support you to attract, recruit and integrate neurodivergent talent into your company.

Our consultancy services are completely tailored to your organisations challenges and are aimed at HR personnel, managers, recruiters and colleagues working with neurodivergent employees.

Kickstart your neurodiversity initiatives

Want to incorporate neurodiversity into your D&I strategy but have no idea where to start? You certainly aren't alone. Our consultancy service gives you that initial boost to get things going. We can analyse what you've got, where you're at and make tailored recommendations on what to focus on and how best to allocate your resources.

Get feedback from neurodivergent people themselves

We have access to hundreds of neurodivergent individuals both searching for work, and in work. Once we've made tailored recommendations, we can organise focus groups to fully test how they work in practice. We can then collect both quantitative and qualitative data and continuously evaluate them, until it works for your organisation.

Our specialisms

  • Analysing and evaluating your recruitment methods to attract neurodivergent applicants
  • Designing and creating neurodiversity employee resource groups
  • Creating and assigning neurodiversity champions
  • Implementing guaranteed interview schemes
  • Collecting data on the diversity of your applicants and current employees
  • Incorporating neurodiversity into your wider D&I strategy
  • Creating a neurodiversity friendly culture

Have a question about consultancy?

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