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The job market can be an intimidating place for neurodivergent people. Even the language of many job ads – ‘good interpersonal skills’, ‘self starter’, ‘must thrive in a fast-paced environment’ – seems deliberately designed to be off-putting, even discriminatory to those with autism, ADHD and other conditions. And when the market is so competitive, it can be a real challenge for neurodivergent people and those supporting them to know how to move forward.

Which is where we come in.

At Enna, we connect neurodivergent adults with employers who’ll understand, celebrate and help them fully capitalise on their unique way of thinking and responding to the world. We also provide support during recruitment to help neurodivergent people present themselves and their condition effectively. Once in work, we’ll assist them with skills and strategies to make their most of their gifts and be the productive, extraordinary, people you – and we – know them to be.

Our services


At Enna, we’re here to help neurodivergent individuals find, gain and retain meaningful employment. Take a look at our services below to understand how we can help you and the individual you support.

Jobs Board

If you're supporting someone to find work, you can direct them to our jobs board which has loads of job opportunities with neurodiversity friendly employers around the UK.

Job Coaching

Supporting someone that may need a bit of extra support? Our one to one specialist job coaching can connect you to an employment specialist to help individuals navigate their job search.

Workplace Coaching

Once they’re in work, we can provide longer-term support for neurodivergent people through our workplace coaching services. Coaches can help with a range of things, from workplace relationships to career progression.



We have loads of free, downloadable resources to support neurodivergent adults both searching for work, and if they're already in work, including videos, templates and guides.


Jobs Board

If you’re helping a neurodivergent job-seeker to find work, you can find lots of job opportunities with neurodiversity friendly employers on our jobs board. All the employers listing vacancies are committed to supporting neurodivergence, making reasonable adjustments throughout the recruitment process and on into employment.

Job Coaching

Our job coaching service is perfect if a job-seeker need a bit of extra support with their job search. They'll work with one of our friendly, experienced coaches, who’ll help them search and apply for jobs, create and update their CV, prepare for interviews and generally support them along the way.

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Workplace Coaching

Our specialist workplace coaching is there to support your neurodivergent employees, to help them work effectively and thrive within your organisation.

Coaching can help iron out any problems and give your employee a safe and confidential space to talk through their experiences, and co-develop solutions to help grow and further their career.


We have loads of great resources to support neurodivergent adults in their job search, and when they've started work. These include videos, guides, templates and useful blogs to help them.

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Can an individual use your services if they don't have an official diagnosis, or if they're waiting to get one?

Yes. We understand that you can be neurodivergent without a piece of paper that says so.

What ages of job-seekers do you support?

We support all neurodivergent people aged 18 and over.

Can I refer someone to you?

Yes, we don't have an official referral process, but would encourage you to email us if you have questions about an individual you support.

Where do you operate?

Our head office is in London, but we run most of our services virtually, and recruit for roles nationally.

What type of jobs can Enna help someone get?

We recruit for many different types of roles across a range of sectors: please see our jobs board for our current vacancies.

Can you help someone get work experience or voluntary roles?

We focus on helping people secure permanent jobs, so unfortunately we can’t assist you with finding work placements, internships or volunteering. Sorry.

Does it cost anything?

No, its free to register and apply for jobs.

Were an organisation that would be interested in partnering with Enna, how do we do this?

We're always looking to establish referral partnerships with universities, charities and employability providers, so send us an email on if this is you.

Chat to us about how we can support a job seeker

Book a time below, or email us on to ask us a question.

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