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Connecting you with neurodivergent talent to tranform your organisation


People with ADHD, autism, dyslexia, dyspraxia, dyscalculia and other conditions often have extraordinary gifts that can transform teams, business functions and entire organisations. All they need is an employer who can recognise their potential and make any adjustments they need in order to thrive.

Every neurodivergent person is, of course, entirely unique; and their individual character and circumstances will give them their own personal ‘superpowers’. But research has identified traits shared by many neurodivergent people which can bring huge benefits in terms of productivity, innovation, staff retention and cultural change. These include:


Excellent creative thinking, problem-solving and spatial reasoning skills


Precision and attention to detail


Ability to produce prodigious amounts of top-quality work at breathtaking speed (sometimes!)


Formidable capacity to absorb, process, retain and apply information, and spot patterns and inconsistencies


Intense focus and powers of concentration


New perspectives, clarity and incisiveness that can break through barriers and logjams, open up discussions and help overcome ‘groupthink’


Openness, honesty and a refreshing lack of cynicism


Commitment and loyalty

Our Services


At Enna, we’re here to support you and your neurodivergent people, wherever you are on the journey to a more inclusive, diverse workforce. Our services for employers include:

Specialist Recruitment Services


Including our accessible jobs board to help you attract and recruit neurodivergent talent throughout the UK.

Neurodiversity Training Workshops


Workshops for managers, HR, senior leaders and the wider team to help increase awareness, support and develop your neurodivergent employees.

Employee Workplace Coaching

Specialist coaching for your neurodivergent employees to help them work effectively and thrive professionally and personally.

Neurodiversity Consultancy

Consulting to help you shape policy and practice and achieve real, lasting organisational and cultural change.

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Specialist Recruitment Services

We provide expert end-to-end recruitment services, connecting you with hundreds of neurodivergent job-seekers with a huge range of skills, talents, qualifications and experience through our accessible jobs board. We’ll promote your post through our social media channels, and to our networks of over 100 partner organisations.

For details of our packages and how to post a job, click below.

Neurodiversity Training Workshops

Our neurodiversity training workshops will give you the skills and confidence you need you attract, recruit, then integrate neurodivergent individuals in your workplace.

Designed for managers, HR, recruiters and your existing teams, all our workshops are run by neurodivergent people, so you can learn from their first-hand, lived experience.

Available in-person at your premises or virtually, click below to view our available workshops.

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Employee Workplace Coaching

Our specialist workplace coaching is there to support your neurodivergent employees, to help them work effectively and thrive within your organisation.

Coaching can help iron out any problems and give your employee a safe and confidential space to talk through their experiences, and co-develop solutions to help grow and further their career.


Wherever you are on your neurodiversity journey, our consultancy services can help you achieve real and lasting cultural and organisational change.

We can support your HR team, managers, recruiters and teams that already include neurodivergent colleagues to tackle the full range of diversity and inclusion issues and bring fresh perspectives and insights to your D&I policies and processes.

All our consultancy services are tailored to your specific needs.

Chat to us about our services

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