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Empowering you to disclose your neurodiversity


Disclosure can be a tricky topic for neurodivergent individuals. There are many things you may be thinking about, from whether you should disclose in the first place, the benefits of disclosing and how you can disclose through the recruitment process or when you've got a job.

The short video aims to answer these questions and empower neurodivergent individuals to make decisions that work best for them.

This video has been written, created and facilitated by the wonderful Lara who works at Enna. Lara is autistic, dyslexic, dyspraxic and has ADHD, and uses her experiences of disclosure to help others.

Ready to disclose? We've created some disclosure templates to help you disclose your neurodiversity to recruiters, potential employers or your current employers. They're easy to use, and you can fill them in or print them off straight away. Enter your email below to download!

Download our disclosure templates

Ready to disclose to a recruiter or employer? Use our disclosure templates to help you.

  • Helps you communicate the strengths and challenges associated with your neurodiversity.
  • Helps your employer or manager understand your working style, and how they can respond to it.
  • Easy to use and fill out, so you can take it to interviews or jobs.

Download our disclosure templates

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