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Neurodiversity Training

Kickstart your neurodiversity journey with one of our interactive workshops.

Create awareness and celebrate neurodiversity through our training workshops


Our virtual training workshops aims to give you the skills and confidence to help you recruit, integrate and integrate neurodivergent individuals in the workplace.

Our workshop is aimed at employees, managers and leaders that want to increase their awareness of neurodiversity and experience the benefits neurodivergent employees can bring to their organisation.

We recognised that the best way to learn is through real experiences with real people. Our training is created and facilitated by neurodivergent individuals, who have first hand experience of recruitment and employment.

All training sessions are currently remote and done through Zoom.

All our sessions are virtual and interactive

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Delivered virtually

All training is currently delivered virtually, which means your remote and global teams can easily access our neurodiversity training.


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Interactive quizzes and polls

We get you thinking and doing from the comfort of your employees homes or offices using quizzes, polls and much more.


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Interactive exercises

Forget the days of using markers and sugar paper. We use interactive software which allows teams to collaborate and work on tailored exercises.


Available training courses

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Supporting and Managing Neurodivergent Individuals

This 1 hour training workshop gives HR teams and managers the knowledge and skills to be able to recruit, manage and effectively integrate neurodivergent employees both remotely and in the office, as well as providing some useful takeaways and tips to get started.


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Neurodiversity 1-0-1

Our popular 1 hour Neurodiversity 1-0-1 training provides a useful introduction to neurodiversity in the workplace. The training provides a helpful overview about what neurodiversity is, what skills neurodivergent people have and how you recognise neurodiversity in both recruitment and the workplace.



Neurodiversity Awareness, Action and Acceptance

This half day training workshop starts by looking at how you can actively recognise neurodiversity in the recruitment process and the workplace. We then look at how you can create or continue a successful neurodiversity initiative and how you can manage neurodivergent employees, while creating a culture of acceptance.

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All About Neurodiversity

A half day comprehensive overview of autism, ADHD, dyspraxia and dyslexia. The session covers what it is, the strengths and challenges neurodivergent people face in recruitment and the workplace and much more.


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Neurodiversity for Recruiters

A one hour training session designed to give internal and external recruiters the knowledge, tools and techniques to effectively support neurodivergent candidates, from first CV submission to successful integration.



A Neurodiversity Blueprint

This one hour training session gives HR and D&I professionals the knowledge and frameworks to successfully start a neurodiversity initiative within your organisation. From initial thought to embedding neurodiversity into your culture.


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